The Formations Qualitemps Inc. team brings together experts from different spheres of activity and numerous years of experience in large companies. Today they put their knowledge and their know-how at the service of our customers.

René-Louis Comtois


CEO and Founder, René-Louis Comtois has developed training the content over the past several years which combines pragmatism, rigor and flexibility. Specializing in time management and work organization, he proposes methods and techniques that are still highly effective and enforceable. He is focused on committing to this level. An experienced public speaker and trainer, he is also the author of six books published by Quebecor: Gérer efficacement son temps, Lecture rapide, mythes et réalité, Gérer et animer ses réunions, Maximisez vos ventes en maîtrisant votre temps, Bien servir ses clients ainsi que Gérez vos courriels avant qu'ils vous gèrent.


Johanne Bertrand


Certified training accountant, Johanne Bertrand has more 20 years of business experience, including thirteen at a major financial institution. Since 1999 she has shared her experiences with people and spends most of her time developing and conducting workshops in work organization. Her approach reflects her desire to promote a type of management that favors human capital, respect and recognition, communication, participation and accountability, as well as personal and professional growth.


Mélanie Drainville


Melanie has extensive experience in management and work organization, using information technologies and teaching them. Trained in computerized-integrated financial management, IT (Microsoft Professional Word and professional Excel), and a certified specialist in Microsoft Office for Outlook 2007 software, she has been with Formations Qualitemps for the past ten years in several different capacities including: Assistant Director of Operations, advertising manager, technical support manager and remote coaching. Her knowledge, dynamism, openness and ability to be attentive to others naturally destined her for a career in teaching. She has been part of the Formations Qualitemps training team since 2009 as a trainer in the fields of IT and administrative task management techniques. She has also participated in the development of lesson plans and the drafting of several computerized trainings


Isabelle Gagné


Isabelle Gagné worked for several years in the sales and customer service industries and was in these capacities that she instigated various continuous improvement, organizational development, management systems and information analysis projects. First working as a Sales Representative for Quebec and the United States in the printing industry, she then dove into various work revitalization project teams sometimes as a manager, sometimes as an arbitrator. A graduate of HEC, entrepreneur and woman of action, Isabelle Gagné passionately shares her values and experiences with all those who wish to equip themselves to better evolve.


David Mascolo


David Mascolo eanred double degrees from the École Polytechnique de Montreal/ENSAE in Aeronautical Engineering and a degree in Business Engineering. He has twelve years of experience in performance optimization as well as experience in assisting companies in the implementation of Lean Management. Mr. Mascolo has managed teams of engineers and professionals within the scope of several restructuring projects and process optimization within Canadian manufacturing, aerospace, transportation, service, and network health firms. He has helped more than 200 managers and leaders in the use of daily management best practices to generate productivity gains to the tune of 20 to 30%.


Sophie F. Marcil


Sophie Marcil has worked for over twenty years as a human resources management professional in different capacities. She established the Corporate Development department of a higher education institution. She also worked for over ten years in the aerospace industry and some years in the telecommunications and health service industries. In addition to her BA in Business Administration with a Human Resource Management concentration, She holds a Masters in Human Systems Intervention. She also completed a certificate in Industrial Relations. Ms. Marcil is passionate about the development of individuals in the workplace. She designs different workshops, notably in leadership skills, in performance management processes and in customer service.


Marlène Villeneuve


Professional coach, member of the International Coaching Federation, she accompanies managers and entrepreneurs to maximize their use of their time, so they can fully use their talents. With a masters in management and organizational development, and a Bachelor of nutrition, she held various management positions in the health and social services industries. She is recognized for her professionalism, enthusiasm and creativity. This is a committed educator, who has the success of her clients at heart. She combines great humor and rigor, making her training simple, efficient and dynamic.


Monique Dallaire

Perfectly bilingual manager, Monique Dallaire is known for her strategic thinking, determination and creativity. An engineering graduated from McGill University, obtaining an MBA in executive practices from Sherbrooke University provided her with the tools to consolidate her management experience. Having worked in the high-technology industry over the past ten years, she held management positions in marketing, product management and senior management. She also has experience working for nonprofits, as well as in entrepreneurship. Her varied career has allowed her to gain significant experience managing and mobilizing teams in various environments and especially in mastering project management. She is equally at ease in the design of strategic planning as in its daily implementation within multidisciplinary teams.   Fascinated by the human dynamic and always striving for efficiency, she enthusiastically communicates her passion for optimizing working methods.

Nathalie Blain


Nathalie Blain is a professional coach and organizational development consultant. Her interests concern the human being within the organization. She readily accompanies the manager in the sphere of interpersonal relationships such as emotional intelligence, teamwork, change management and engagement. She is a graduate of HEC and has continued her studies with a Master of Education (adult education). She is a member of the Order of Human Resources and Industrial Relations Advisors of Quebec (ORHRI)


Louise Geoffrion

With a Masters in Public Administration, Louise has over twenty-five years of experience in organizational development, human resource management, change management and project management. She also has training and clinical experience in human relations, giving her an understanding of the individual in context of crisis, conflict, change and adaptation. She demonstrated her influence and leadership skills when she founded a nonprofit organization with deep roots in Montreal's reality. She has been the CEO for 22 years. During this journey, she has received honors for her management skills in implementing innovative projects and the excellence of these skills in mobilizing individuals in the context of changes.

Jean-Luc Dion


Holding a sustained experience of fifteen years in engineering and staff management, Jean-Luc has strong skills in project management and customer service. He has worked in several different sectors ranging from small businesses to multinationals.  Result and efficiency oriented, he is an example for operating in a multitasking environment. Having discovered a passion for training early on in his management career, his path led him to share his passion and knowledge in the various fields he has touched.  A dynamic and committed entrepreneur, Jean-Luc actively collaborates as a coach and consultant in various industries in Quebec.  Dosed with a touch of humor, he keeps his audience attentive.


Jean-Philippe Claude


With a mechanical engineering degree from the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS), Jean-Philippe has specialized in the creation and validation of computer programs relating to aeronautics. He then founded his own IT company to enable companies to automate repetitive tasks related to employment. More than ever passionate about training, he will certainly pass on his passion, knowledge and enthusiasm to those listening.


Jean-Christian Thériault


Jean-Christian Thériault has over 15 years of experience in marketing and sales with a focus on the demand stimulus program. His role is to identify and define target market trends, as well as create, deploy and manage the demand stimulus programs aimed at achieving the company's business objectives He has developed and successfully managed several hundred telemarketing campaigns in North America. His experience includes multiple B2B industries such as IT, high technology, professional services, financial services and manufacturing.


Vlad Catrinescu


Mr. Catrinescu is a SharePoint expert and specialist in Office 365 SharePoint infrastructure deployments, SharePoint Online and hybrid deployments. He also specializes in the design and implementation of high availability and disaster recovery solutions on SharePoint, as well as process automation, through the magic of PowerShell and "DevOps" concepts with TFS. Mr. Catrinescu holds the honorary MVP title (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) and is recognized in the market for his expertise, and for founding the largest and most active SharePoint community. Mr. Catrinescu was the recipient of the "Top 25 Office 365 Influencers" award, illustrating him as one of the most influential scholars of Office 365 in 2015, demonstrating his expertise and passion for Microsoft's cloud orientation undertaking in recent years.


Catherine Lachance


Catherine Lachance's first job was as an actress (Histoires de filles, Sucré-Salé, Mémoires vives). In 2010, she enrolled in the "Trainer Workplace" program at UQAM, graduating and obtaining her training certification by the Labour Market Partners Commission (CPMT) in June 2013. In 2014, she started her own business, Hemisphere Training. With passion and enthusiasm, she brings a new burst of energy to the teams she works with. What she likes more than anything: creating synergy within work teams to reach new heights of performance. An expert in communication, she offers efficient and innovative tools, taking care to precisely target the needs beforehand. The subjects she is passionate about are: positive communication, team building, solution development and public speaking. Her various trainings can also be presented in a conference.


Stephano Maiorana



Stefano Maiorana has a degree in social work, psychology, human and environmental relations, anthropology and drama.
His training and his diverse experience led him to develop a deep knowledge of human behavior and make it a great communicator. His expertise in areas such as stress management, individual coaching in business, retirement planning, decreasing anxiety, work-family balance and conflict resolution for his various clienteles, have earned him work in corporations, educational institutions and hospitals.

Moreover his coaching expertise enables him to control the relational processes and guide the client in achieving a state of excellence as well as reaching his goals and objectives. 

Michel Durand


After studying science, over a period of 30 years, Michel Durand was a designer, technician, trainer and manager in the field of printed communications and multimedia, successively. He led diverse teams, enlivened work groups and realized significant technological projects. In recent years, he has continued his career as an author, facilitator and speaker. Warm, enthusiastic and attentive, he favors the participation of all. Lifelong learning is both a pleasure and a necessity for him.


Jean-Paul Racine


Jean-Paul has been a trainer for several years. An engineering graduate from the University of Sherbrooke and owner of Kalida Technologies, he specializes in information technologies such as websites, application development and software testing processes. During the past 12 years, Jean-Paul has executed contracts in several sectors such as financial institutions (Visa Desjardins, BNC, ING, DSF), ministries (MELS, MRQ CSPQ), insurance (DGIG, Intact, Industrial Alliance) and telecommunications (IBM, Nortel, Motorola, Bell Canada, Yellow Pages). He is active in various committees of continuous improvement.




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