Speed Reading

COMTOIS René-Louis, Speed Reading: Myths and Reality, Montreal, Quebecor editions, Coll. "Practical Guides", 2nd edition, 2010, 240p.


In all our years in education, very few have been devoted to gaining a real learning of reading. We stuck to the basics we provide. We were taught to read, of course, but we have not learned how to read. Result: we read slowly.

Now reading quickly is a skill form everyone and has nothing to do with reading texts diagonally or "extreme" speed reading.

The method presented in this book focuses rather in reaching reading speeds that are easily accessible and fully compatible with the pleasure of reading. The proposed reading techniques allow you to: increase your reading speed by 50% to 150%; to understand the mechanisms of reading; improve your reading comprehension;

to solve your daydreaming problems; to retain more information while reading; and to better manage your reading load at work.

The author also presents a history of speed reading and principle schools of thought, an overview of the functioning of the brain and eye, as well as the mechanisms of memory.

His book will help eliminate many prejudices and to better classify speed reading as an essential skills in the twenty-first century.

Maximizing your Sales by Mastering your Time

COMTOIS, René-Louis, Maximizing your Sales by Mastering your Time, Montreal, Quebecor editions, Coll. "Business", 2009, 192p.


"Sales professionals operate in an increasingly complex and competitive environment, which requires extremely broad skills. To succeed, the professional must in fact know the industry and its market, target and meet the right customers, make offers that meet their needs and that are competitive, nurture contacts and rigorously follow up with them. They must also excel in communication and interpersonal skills and know how to present themselves as a specialist with research expertise." In this book, René-Louis Comtois addresses sales at a slightly processed angle: organization and time management.

For the author, the person making the sale today must above all be methodical. Often being their own boss and while still being accountable for their results, they have every interest in acquiring good discipline and proper work procedures. After reading this, you will know: the ways to save time and be more efficient; a process to determine effective actions, what to do to sell more; expertise to be effective quickly and have more time for yourself. René-Louis Comtois directs Formations Qualitemps, Inc., a training company specializing in management and work organization. He wrote Effectively manage time, Speed reading, myths and reality, as well as Manging and running meetings by Quebecor editions.

Bien servir ses clients

COMTOIS René-Louis and Louise LAURENT, Serving Your Customers, Montreal, Quebecor editions, Coll. "Business", 2010, 165p.


Serving customers well is a skill that combines know-how and knowing how to be. In this book, René-Louis Comtois offers a unique customer approach, based on the quality of interpersonal relations.

 You will learn how to: establish relational rules based on the recognition of differences between individuals and the quality of communications; identify key actions that will better meet the specific needs of your customers; change your perception of complaints and how to use them as a tool for improvement; give you the means to defuse difficult situations and reduce dissatisfaction?; analyze your business processes and choose strategies to make every moment of your meetings enjoyable. You will reap tremendous advantages by knowing this approach, including: a better working environment, recognition of your customers, employee satisfaction and ultimately better profits for your business.

Managing and Running Meetings

COMTOIS René-Louis, Managing and Running Meetings Montreal, Quebecor editions, Coll. "Business", 2nd edition, 2010, 206p.


In a world characterized by complexity and change, it is important to maintain a network of constant communication between the members of a company. In this context, meetings have become an essential organizational tool that any company can use to better manage in the present and rally its internal forces to prepare for the future.

The success of managing meeting, however, is not based solely on talent. We are talking about knowledge built around a series of skills that allow?: selecting the right goals and achieve them; using effective communication tools; adopting operational rules to function in a group; employing stimulating animation techniques; managing difficult situations and participants; making achievabledecisions; stimulating everyone's participation; writing clear and useful reports; and following up the decisions made during these meetings. All this cannot be improvised. This book describes all aspects of running a successful meeting. By better, mastering them, you can turn your meetings into powerful management tools. Managing and running meetings is a comprehensive guide which you can rely on at all times. It is aimed at facilitators and participants who wish professionalize their work within the company.

Managing Your Emails Before they Manage You!

COMTOIS René-Louis, Managing your Emails Before they Manage You, Montreal, Quebecor editions, Coll. "Business", 2011, 179p.


By applying the methods recommended in this book, you will: quickly process your emails; have an empty inbox every night; find information with ease; communicate effectively with everyone; alleviate your feelings of stress and urgency; more time for other important tasks.

Misused, email can become time consuming and lead to poor communication. But if it is well managed, it can, however, become a formidable efficiency tool.

The challenge in the 21st century is to be convinced that we can act according to the situation. Your Choice!

Managing Time Effectively

COMTOIS René-Louis, Managing Time Effectively, Montreal, Quebecor editions, Coll. "Business", 2nd edition, 2011, 239p.


Knowing how to organize your time is a well known guarantee of success. But how many people today are overwhelmed and hyperstressed simply because they do not know the principles of sound management tasks, at work and in life in general? Others manage well enough, but they do not achieve a quarter of what they could if they were aware of the basic rules of the organization.
Whatever your level of mastery in this respect, this book will be a great transformation tool for you. How should you organize your workspace? How to conduct complex projects? What should you know to intelligently manage your telecommunications? What are the great secrets of planning? What should you do to change detrimental attitudes, such as procrastination and lack of discipline? With stunning clarity, René-Louis Comtois reveals all the principles you need to know to become highly efficient in every respect. Result: you will save a lot of time, you'll increase your enthusiasm at work and you'll significantly improve your quality of life. And, the height of happiness, you will finally have true peace of mind.

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