Mobilize and motivate your teams toward organizational objectives

Today's managers operate in a world that changes at an aberrant speed, and every year brings its own key challenges for management. But how can you distinguish the real challenges from the passing trends, and how can you adapt to them?

The objective of this training is to familiarize the participants with management challenges which are essential in today's world and to review the resulting best practices. It puts
the participant in the critical position of coming face to face with his own management practices, and provides him with the methods and tools to face the challenges arising
from these challenges.


Anyone who is in a management position or is involved
in strategic decision making in an organization,
whether large or small.

At the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the major socioeconomic trends expected in 2016;
  • Process the relevance and importance of the challenges observed;
  • Understand the impact that these challenges can have on his organization:
  • Assess his own management practices with regard to these challenges;
  • Implement best practices to address challenges affecting his organization;
  • Use concrete tools to implement best practices.

It is difficult for professionals to remain at the forefront of skills in different spheres of management. In addition, operational requirements often prevent us from getting enough out of our own management practices. This course
is a summary of the latest skills and best practices with regards to ten major contemporary management challenges. The strength of the course lies
in the quality and universality of the proposed methods, which can be adapted
in all organizational contexts, whether in SMEs, NPOs or large enterprises.

  • The crisis of values: The evolution and state of contemporary business values, and the responsibility of managers to identify,
    evaluate and communicate organizational values.
  • An increasingly rare...and diversified workforce: An overview of the human resource management challenges posed by the shortage of skilled workers in Quebec, as well as multigenerational and multicultural management; presentation of strategies and tools to overcome them.
  • From the knowledge economy to the creativity economy: The importance
    of innovation in the performance and sustainability of organizations,
    and the valorization of creativity throughout the organization
    to generate innovation.
  • A new world in 140 characters: Overview of the latest trends
    and technological upheavals in the various spheres of management;
    Impact and challenges generated by social networks, as well as strategies
    and processes to benefit from them.
  • Adaptability and change management: Mobilize staff to adhere to the vision developed and translate it into action; face resistance and political games engendered by change.
  • The internationalization of enterprises: Recognize the opportunities
    and threats of market globalization, and establish a market access strategy.
  • Corporate social and environmental responsibility: The degree of corporate responsibility for social and environmental issues; The means for integrating corporate SER based on risk and opportunity management.
  • Renewed Leadership: The latest in leadership skills, a concept
    that has evolved significantly over the last decade.
  • Performance management: How to make our performance management processes more effective and better adapted to contemporary realities.
  • Cultivating passion in our organizations: Create the link between
    the mobilization of personnel and the financial performance of organizations.

    • Interactive presentations
    • Demonstration of the proposed methods
    • Workshops and group exercises
    • Group Case Studies
    • Self-Assessment Tests
    • Structured group discussions

    • Comprehensive reference manual.

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