Basics principles of project management
Our training course offers a practical approach to project management. You will understand the lifecycle and processes of a project. You will also learn how to set up and deploy the tools that will help you plan and conduct your projects. The aim of this training course is to provide the participants with a complete methodology for project success.

> To plan and control your projects efficiently
> To master your daily activities
> To ensure adequate follow-ups with the project team
> To assure integrated management of multiple projects

Anyone who wishes to know and master the project management process. Anyone wishing to integrate the management of one or many projects with the management of daily activities.

Qualigantt software is included in the training course material. User friendly, simple and complete, it serves as the perfect tool for planning and managing various projects simultaneously.

Recognized by the Faculty of Continuing
Education at the University of Montreal
The educational quality of this syllabus has been approved by the Chair of Continuing Education of the Faculty of Continuing Education at the University of Montreal 0.7 UFC

  • To understand Project management concepts
  • To learn the 5 basic process groups in project management
  • To know the 9 keys to management of a project
  • To create a project and set up the planning and control tools
  • To establish a dynamic project management structure
  • To master project related daily activities
  • To ensure adequate follow-ups with the project team
  • To achieve integrated management of your various projects
  • To develop an efficient project management basic methodology
  • To integrate project management with time management activities


This training course comprises 50% practical exercises. The participants are immersed in action right from the start with the elaboration of a project chart followed by a project plan. This helps the integration of the theory and practical aspects of project management.

All along the training course, the participants will conceive a project, write up a complete plan and set up all the tools for efficient follow-ups to manage the project lifecycle right through to the project closure.

  • Project management terminology
  • Strategic planning in project management
  • 5 project management process groups
  • 9 principles or 9 disciplines of project management
  • Elaboration of project plan and its modules
  • Work breakdown structure and Gantt chart
  • Stakeholders Management
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Change control processes
  • Management of communications
  • Progress control and monitoring
  • Assessment of available tools
  • Progress reporting
  • Control of daily activities
  • Closing the project
  • Integration of project management with time management

  • Complete reference guide
  • Exercise book
  • Qualigantt software
  • Qualigantt software user guide


René-Louis Comtois

David Mascolo

Marlène Villeneuve

Monique Dallaire

Jean-Luc Dion

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