Illustrate your processes, maps, plans and much more with Visio
It is so simple to create evocative illustrations of processes and plans with Visio! Discover how to select and arrange the shapes to illustrate your processes, plans of all sorts, organizational charts, flowcharts, network diagrams, and so much more.

> To learn the basic commands in Visio
> To create a multitude of diagrams, charts, plans and more
> To become familiar with all the features of this powerful software

Every user wishing to create evocative flowcharts, organisational or other types of charts, maps, diagrams with Visio.

  • Learning the basic Visio features
  • Managing the different displays
  • Creating diagrams from built-in stencils and personalised templates
  • Creating new diagram templates
  • Optimising the use of diagram elements
  • Learning the various diagram printing options

  • Description of Visio
  • Flow diagrams
  • Plans and charts
  • Planning and Network diagrams
  • Personalized and professional diagrams
  • Description of the workspace
  • Elements of the ribbon
  • Contextual menus and Quick Access toolbar
  • Displays
  • Presentation mode
  • Task panes dialog box
  • Status Bar and callouts
  • Reorganizing the display window
  • The Drawing Explorer window
  • Creating a diagram
  • Elements of a diagram
  • Manipulation, grouping and combining shapes
  • Shape and segments
  • Formatting and saving a shape format
  • Creating an organigram
  • Modifying the disposition of an organigram
  • Creating a report from Visio Diagrams
  • Personalizing, modifying and deleting a diagram report
  • Creating Pivot Table reports
  • Showing and hiding information in a PivotTable
  • Modifications of the disposition of a PivotTable diagram
  • Printing options

    • Practical exercises, conducted autonomously on individual computer workstations
    • Theoretical content
    • Interactive discussion

    • Detailed reference guide
    • Our Mobile classroom: 15 computers are available for classroom courses, each computer is programmed so that every functionality can be displayed full screen. This way, participants work in a setting similar to their own work environment. Our mobile classroom gives us the possibility to offer training sessions in the enterprise, onsite

    This training is offered on-site and is tailored to your needs. We invite you to contact us or prices and availabilities.

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