Manage your time to improve your sales
There exists an efficient method to increase your sales and surpass your sales targets. This method consists of investing more time in high return activities and optimizing the management of your time.

> To get organized and become much more efficient
> To master your time management tools
> To optimize your sales lifecycle
> To allocate more time on high return activities

To all salespeople wishing to develop their sales, set themselves targets and acquire the means to reach them.

  • Learning how to get organized to become much more efficient
  • Getting the most out of your time management tools (electronic as well as paper)
  • Applying time management strategies to the use of CRMs
  • Saving time by structuring your sales activities
  • Optimizing your sales lifecycle
  • Developing new leads and exploiting them
  • Spending more time on your high return activities
  • Planning your sales activities and orienting them towards results
  • Increasing your sales!


Our training course is different from other sales trainings; it is essentially centered on organizational aspects and personal efficiency. It offers a unique solution to one of the biggest challenges facing the sales professionals; controlling and monitoring their time, which is one of their most valuable resources. Our practical approach is applicable to all situations and will allow you to elaborate a concrete action plan which will rapidly help you save time. You will then be able to invest this time in your high return activities.

Our training course concentrates on organizational aspects but will also invite participants to challenge each other in their approach, by exchanging points of view with each other and with the trainer.

  • Analysis of activities related to the sales profession
  • Participant’s diagnostic
  • The difference between high and low return activities
  • Which activities should be heightened or reduced?
  • Which activities deserve more time investment
  • Adequate organization of the workspace and the filing system
  • Effective use of time management tools (paper or electronic)
  • Judicious use of a customer relation management software (CRM)
  • Effective management of long term projects (promotions, product development, trade shows, etc.)
  • Pocket PC, Palm, Black Berry, iPhone ; a few basic tips
  • Getting rid of paper and electronic accumulation of documents: how and why ?
  • Efficient email management
  • Skillful management of telecommunications
Sales development methodology
  • How to integrate customer service with time management
  • Basic concepts of efficiency to apply right away
  • Creation of templates to speed up bids and prospecting documents
  • How to systematize and manage the sales cycle according to the product
  • The way to develop leads, to systematize them and incorporate them in the planning
Establishing priorities and planning
  • How to identify priorities
  • How to plan short term and long term
  • Managing results
  • Building a business plan and sticking to it
  • Plan of action from the training course

  • Interactive talks
  • Real-life examples
  • Demonstration of proposed methodologies
  • Practical exercises
  • Brainstorming exercises amongst the participants
  • Personal action plans produced during the training course

  • The book Maximisez vos ventes en maîtrisant votre temps, by René-Louis Comtois, Les Éditions Quebecor, 2009
  • Complete Reference Guide
  • Software configuration guide corresponding to participant’s requirements
  • Evaluation self-test

This training is offered on-site and is tailored to your needs. We invite you to contact us or prices and availabilities.

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René-Louis Comtois

Isabelle Gagné

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