Effective Management of Time, Activities and Priorities for Managers
The forever increasing rhythm at work makes time management one of the most valuable crossover skills for managers and their employees. Because of their position of influence, managers can and must see to it that their employees develop these skills. Do you dedicate enough time to the strategic activities of your organisation? This question is of upmost importance for managers. Nevertheless, only 52% of the 1500 managers participating in a survey with McKinsey confirmed that the strategic priorities of their enterprise largely oriented their use of time! Effectiveness means doing things well, efficiency is about doing the right things. A manager must be both effective and efficient. […] Time is the most important resource, and it is only when we manage time efficiently that we can manage the activity of a whole enterprise. — Peter Drucker This training course is particularly intended for managers for whom time management presents a challenging level of complexity. You will see how time management is the foundation for all improvement initiatives in an enterprise. You will also learn how to use your leadership role with your employees to help them become more efficient.

> To allocate to strategic activities the time they deserve
> To proactively manage by objectives and stay on track daily
> To promote the development of time management skills of your team members

Mangers who want to reach their personal objectives and help their team members attain their own objectives by increasing efficiency through optimum management of their activities. For managers who wish to establish a real time management culture in their enterprise.

Recognized by the Faculty of Continuing
Education at the University of Montreal
The educational quality of this syllabus has been approved by the Chair of Continuing Education of the Faculty of Continuing Education at the University of Montreal 0.7 UFC

  • Analyzing your time management processes
  • Becoming skilled at using your time management tools (Outlook, Lotus Notes or Group Wise) with a sound time management process
  • Keeping control of your activities and staying on track
  • Managing your emails effectively
  • Handling and leading multiple projects simultaneously
  • Understanding and putting into practice key measures for efficiency both individually and within a team
  • Mastering internal and external communications
  • Decreasing the various sneaky ``time-wasters``
  • Handling emergencies and the unanticipated events and demands
  • Controlling and monitoring deadlines
  • Efficiently planning daily, midterm and long term activities
  • Delegating and keeping control of deliverables
  • Communicating efficiently
  • Managing by objectives for you and for your team
  • Identifying your priorities accurately
  • Devoting adequate time to activities that are strategic to the enterprise
  • Helping your team identify their priorities
  • Evaluating the time management skills of your team
  • Organizing the use of your time according to your priorities


Our training course is specifically designed for managers and will give them the tools to allow them and their teams improve and update their time management skills. Equipped with time management skills, everyone will devote more time to strategic activities that are priorities for the enterprise.

  • Introduction : the value of time
  • Reflection and exercise about priorities
  • Exercise for identifying the workload of the manager
  • Searching for solutions to face this complexity (4 possible approaches)
  • Identification of the main hurdles to time management
  • Description of the time management process of each participant
  • Applying the WHEN rule
  • Effective use of time management tools
  • Configuration of the time management software to optimise the Task tool
  • The importance of combining everything in one single tool
  • Techniques for efficient management of emails lifecycle
  • Managing long tasks and projects
  • Integration of project management processes to time management
  • Key actions in time management
  • Techniques for managing novelty and keeping track
  • How to never forget anything
  • How to manage multiple tasks and stay focussed
  • Taking your manageable time into consideration
  • Practical exercise with 5 methods for improving task efficacy
  • Practical exercise :how to diminish sneaky ``time-wasters``
  • Skillfully managing telecommunications
  • Grouping internal communications
  • Negotiating the use of your time
  • Time management methodology as a collaborative instrument for the work team
  • The manager’s role in terms of time management
  • Complete self-test on your time management skills and competencies
  • Follow-up exercise in small groups, on self-test
  • Effective communication in management context
  • Delegation and conducting follow-ups as an art
  • How to evaluate time management competency of your team members
  • Identification of your strategic activities as a manager
  • Identifying high return activities for yourself and for your organisation
  • Time management according to high return activities for you and your team
  • Management by objectives : deployment for yourself and transposing to the team
  • Harmonization of the strategic vision with the daily activities of the organisation
  • Choosing your priorities
  • Managing the priorities of your work team
  • Time management as a key-competency
  • Your personal action plan

  • Interactive presentations
  • Real-life examples
  • Demonstrations of proposed methodologies
  • Practical exercises
  • Self-evaluation tests
  • Personal action plans produced during training course

  • Complete reference guide
  • Software configuration guide (for software used by individual participants)
  • Time management skills self-test: this test analyses ten skills associated with time management as a manager





    Gestion efficace du temps, des activités et des priorités pour cadres et dirigeants
    2 june 2020
    3 june 2020

    René-Louis Comtois

    Johanne Bertrand

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