Strategic planning: a "Lean" approach

The results of a PriceWaterhouseCoopers study published in 2013 showed that only 8%
of leaders have good skills both in developing a strategy and carrying it out. Another study
also published in 2013, this time by The Economist concluded that 56% of strategic initiatives
fail because of poor execution. The greatest challenge of strategic planning lies not in developing a vision, but rather by crossing the chasm between vision and execution.

This course aims to provide participants with the knowledge, the expertise and the tools
to, first, develop a strategy for their organization, and, second, to set up a management system to effectively execute these strategies and achieve the set objectives.

The "Lean" approach has two objectives: to enable participants to "do more with less"
by maximizing the resources and information available to them, and allowing them
to maintain flexibility to adapt the strategy throughout its implementation.


At the end of the session, participants will be able to:
  • Formulate a strategy to create value for their organization;
  • Prepare a strategic plan consisting of objectives and performance indicators;
  • Align their organization and make the strategy everyone's responsibility;
  • Prepare an operational plan to execute the strategy;
  • Audit and effectively follow up on the execution of the strategy;
  • Adapt the strategy based on the results obtained in a continuous improvement perspective;
  • Seize opportunities that can represent emerging strategies.

Develop the strategy
  • Define the vision, mission and values
  • Identify the preferences of leaders
  • Analyze the external environment on the organization
  • Analyze the organization's capacity
  • Formulate the strategy
Translate the strategy
  • Set goals and strategic themes
  • Identify the indicators and goals to be reached
  • Choose strategic initiatives
Align the organization
  • Create strategic awareness throughout the organization
  • Align personal goals
  • Define and develop the necessary skills to implement the strategy
  • Align personal incentives
  • Motivate and inspire
Plan the operations
  • Improve key processes
  • Manage risks
  • Plan the resource capacity
  • Prepare budgets
  • Prepare an operational dashboard
  • Establish an operational monitoring process
  • Analyze the performance indicators
  • Stimulate continuous improvement
Adapt the strategy
  • Evaluate the operational results
  • Establish a follow up and strategic review process
  • Analyze the profitability
  • Analyze strategic correlations
  • Analyze emerging strategies
  • Adapt, improve or transform the strategy

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