SharePoint Online Administrator
With 78% of the Fortune 500 companies and more than 100 million users worldwide, SharePoint is the perfect tool for collaborative work (collaboration on documents as well
as portal and corporate intranet publications). However, it suffers from a few flaws:
its administration is often complicated and it is resource hungry.With developments
in the Microsoft cloud domain, many companies have started to use SharePoint Online,
the SSAS Version (Software as a Service) of SharePoint offered by Microsoft. This offer
does away with servers, databases and other aspects of the infrastructure while taking advantage of the SharePoint advantages. However, even if the SharePoint Online administrator no longer has to manage the infrastructure, it is always he who has
all permissions and must be the SharePoint expert in the business. Discover and learn how
to manage SharePoint Online to provide the best working environment for your users.

> To administer your business’ SharePoint Online environment
> To manage site collections
> To configure Social Collaboration settings
> To configure external collaboration

Anyone responsible for administering SharePoint Online

  • Understand the role of the SharePoint Online administrator
  • Know the differences between SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server
  • Create and administer the Site Collections
  • Know the differences between the SharePoint and Yammer Newsfeed
  • Understand the integration with Office Online and Yammer
  • Learn to manage SharePoint Online with PowerShell

Why take this course

This training provides the SharePoint Online administrator the opportunity
to learn how to administer this program and help provide excellent collaboration service to business users. The SharePoint Online administrator will learn the differences between the "Server" and "Online" versions
of SharePoint in addition to learning how to manage site collections and how
to secure SharePoint Online for internal users and external partners.

  • The differences between the SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online
  • The creation of site collections
  • Managing users and permissions in SharePoint Online
  • The differences between the SharePoint and Yammer social networks
  • The configuration of the external collaboration settings
  • The "Health Dashboard" and "Message Center" of Office 365
  • "MySite"
  • User profile management
  • Metadata management managed for the company
  • The search configuration
  • Administration of the company's App Catalog
  • SharePoint Management with PowerShell
  • How to create reports using SharePoint Online
  • How to migrate the "File Share" content to SharePoint Online

  • Theoretical and interactive statements
  • Practical exercises in Office 365

  • Comprehensive reference manual with exercises

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