How to recruit good employees...and keep them

Recruitment is a major concern for a company, because its strength is based largely
on the quality of its staff. Finding the right person means finding someone who is qualified
for the position offered, who shares the company's values and will develop a sense
of belonging. Finding this "gem" is to providing the opportunity to improve the performance
of the team and the company's productivity.

Hiring someone is therefore an important decision! We must, in turn, understand
the business needs, goals and values, fully establish the profile of the ideal candidate,
use the right advertising tools to attract the best, go through the interview process
and make a decision. This is one of the most complex management tasks and where mistakes are often costly in time, money and energy.

Recruiting yourself is often a cheaper solution, but it requires essential skills to be successful. Formations Qualitemps offers you a one-day training to equip you for each step of this process. You'll find tips, examples and methods to properly assess the needs
of the business, choose the right person and give him the desire to stay.


Managers, administrators, human resource managers
or any person related to the hiring process.

  • Understand market trends in relation to the recruitment
    of new employees
  • Precisely define the profile of the position to be filled
  • Know the different sources for recruiting
  • Prepare for and conduct job interviews
  • Evaluate candidates based on specific criteria
  • Master the steps to fill a position quickly and with few issues
  • Develop reference tools tailored to your business needs
  • Take practical action to promote the retention of new employees

Our training covers the complete recruitment cycle including,
for example, specific methods to create the job description and skills required
for the position to be filled. And we provide the practical tools to be successful.
Some of these elements will also be useful in other areas of managing the company's human resources.

  • The importance of recruiting the right person
  • The challenges of recruitment today
  • The costs associated with hiring
  • The consequences of poor recruitment
  • Preparation for the hiring process
  • Scheduling requirements
  • The analysis of the position to be filled
  • The description of the best candidate profile
  • Recruitment process
  • The three criteria to consider
  • Internal sources and displays (pros and cons)
  • External sources and displays (pros and cons)
  • The selection process
  • Choice of tools
  • Resume screening
  • The telephone interview
  • Interview preparation
  • Conducting the Interview
  • The second interview process (if applicable)
  • The choice of candidate
  • Offering the job to the right person
  • Employment contracts
  • Processing rejected applications
  • New employee intake process
  • How to keep your employees long-term
  • Factors of success

  • Theoretical and interactive statements
  • Demonstration using examples
  • Small group work
  • Hands-on practical exercises

  • Comprehensive reference manual
  • Exercises with corrections
  • Comprehensive and detailed manual that will serve as an internal reference.
  • Comprehensive and precise action plan that the participants will develop
    to facilitate the implementation of methods acquired during the training.


    Sophie F. Marcil

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