Project management with Smartsheet

Besides being focused on the technical use of Smartsheet software, this training
teaches project management's best practices so you can better plan, manage and succeed. You will then see how to implement these good practices with the Smartsheet tool.

Smartsheet is an online software for quick and easy project management.
It is a collaborative and very flexible work environment which allows customization
of shared workspaces for project management. It is composed of project sheets (empty sheets), a task sheet and an online form. It is also possible to start a project sheet
by importing an Excel workbook, Microsoft Project and even a Google spreadsheet.
The training will explore the many facets of Smartsheet.

> To identify potential project risks
> To qualitatively analyze risks and negative impacts
> To quantitatively analyze risks to determine the risk level
> To find solutions to reduce the negative impact of risks

Managers, administrative or technical staff and project managers involved in diverse projects.

  • Master Smartsheet and speed up the learning process
  • Understand project management's key concepts
  • Learn the 5 project management core processes
  • Learn the 9 main axes of project management
  • Design a project and implement planning and control
    tools with Smartsheet
  • Use effectively Smartsheet
  • Build projects with Smartsheet
  • Create collaborative spaces with Smartsheet
  • Choose additional tools if the nature of your projects requires it

    The strengths of this training are its clarity and optimal duration. You will
    be independent in no time!

    • Introducing Smartsheet
    • Terminology in project management
    • Strategic planning and project-based approach
    • The 5 processes of project management
    • The 9 axes or disciplines of project management
    • Design the project plan and its modules
    • Adapting project management concepts to Basecamp
    • The sheets and how to create them
    • Create a sheet through importation
    • How to name and rename sheets
    • Insert, delete, and modify rows and columns
    • Other features (of the sheets)
    • Sharing sheets and working together
    • User Permissions
    • The common workspace
    • How to create or rename a workspace
    • Adding and moving the sheets in workspaces
    • Changing the color and logo of a workspace
    • Updating sheets
    • Sending a request
    • Consultation of pending update requests
    • File organization
    • Publication of the sheets
    • Publishing Options
    • Reminders and Notifications
    • Enable or delete a reminder
    • Add, delete, or cancel notifications
    • Attachments and discussions
    • Adding and removing attachments
    • Display, download and send attachments
    • Start-up, print and mail discussions
    • Gantt Chart
    • Work with the Gantt view mode
    • Activation of interdependence
    • Assigning a predecessor
    • Conditional Formatting
    • Creating a milestone
    • Assign a task
    • Creating, editing and sharing report
    • Consult tasks
    • Insertion of formulas
    • Adding a reference to cells, rows, or columns (with a formula)
    • Different types of formulas

      • Theoretical and interactive statements.
      • Practical exercises on the company's specific projects
        or hypothetical projects.
      • Practice in Smartsheet.

      • Comprehensive reference manual
      • Exercises with corrections


      Jean-Luc Dion

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