Outlook for Project Management
Simplify the management and execution of your multiple projects! More and more people have to manage projects as part of their everyday workload and a lot of project management software has been developed to accommodate this demand. Unfortunately, much of this software is too sophisticated for everyday projects and does not allow an integrated approach to managing the multiple tasks related to all projects. However, a good command of Outlook can significantly improve your time management by integrating all your activities, tasks and multiple projects together. Furthermore, in order to take advantage of its great possibilities, Formations Qualitemps has developed a project management software which is compatible and complementary to Outlook. Our Qualigantt software is a tool that allows to conduct strategic planning and management of various projects simultaneously. Breakdown projects, control deadlines, monitor tasks and subtasks, even better, Qualigantt pushes all the tasks into Outlook with one click of the mouse. A copy of the software will be given to each participant at this Outlook training course.

> To develop an effective project management methodology
> To optimize Outlook functions for project management
> To integrate project management with your time management
> To stay in control and never forget anything

Managers, administrative staff, project managers, technical staff and anyone who wishes to integrate
one or multiple projects within their global daily activities.

Qualigantt software is included in the training course material. User friendly, simple and complete, it serves as the perfect tool for planning and managing various projects simultaneously.

  • Building a complete project plan
  • Mastering the project Lifecycle management
  • Becoming skilled with the various Outlook commands and functions
  • Optimizing Outlook tools for project management
  • Knowing how to create task views for project management
  • Conserving the history of projects
  • Planning a project
  • Developing follow-up tools
  • Controlling daily activities
  • Conducting efficient follow-ups with the project team
  • Staying on top of things and never letting anything slip by
  • Managing project teams
  • Using Outlook as the single project management tool, integrating planning, communications, and execution follow ups
  • Developing a practical methodology for project management
  • Integrating project management with time management


Our training course proposes a simplified, unified and global approach to project management. This training course responds to the most universal need in project management: succeeding in managing multiple projects of various sizes in environments which are complex and continuously changing. Our practical approach combines rigor and flexibility.

DAY 1: Mastering of Outlook with project management in mind
  • Using the commands of the Advanced Toolbar
  • Optimizing the task function
  • Creating different task views
  • Personalizing and configuring task displays
  • Applying filters to task views for project management
  • Creating task templates
  • Using task reports
  • Creating tasks with time and project management rules in mind
  • Managing multiple project efficiently in Outlook
  • Delegating with Outlook
  • Applying the 5 golden rules of successful delegation with Outlook
  • Sorting and grouping tasks in order to monitor the accomplishment of your own task as well as the assigned ones
  • Integrating projects with other daily activities and staying focussed
  • Managing new developments, the unforeseen and staying on track
  • Advanced email management with regards to project management
  • Creating and using rules to manage emails
  • Adequately archiving all related project information: emails, tasks, meetings, and other documents whatever the format
  • Advanced tools for contact management
  • Tracking the project history
  • Conducting positive and productive project meetings
    DAY 2: Project Lifecycle Management
    • Project Management terminology
    • Strategic planning and project oriented management
    • 5 process families in project management
    • 9 axis of management of a project
    • Using the Qualigantt software
    • Related commands that can be integrated to Outlook
    • Conceiving the project plan and its phases
    • Breaking down the project into activities and sequencing them
    • Determining the critical path
    • Identifying and managing risk
    • Managing change
    • Managing communications
    • Managing and controlling work progress
    • Inventory of available means
    • Progress reports
    • Controlling daily activities
    • Closing the project
    • Integrating project management with time management
      Note: the suggested course content breakdown is detailed as a baseline and is meant to be customized according to the needs of a group with specific training objectives.

      • This training course comprises 80% practical exercises. The participants are immersed into action right from
      • the start in the elaboration of a project plan. This promotes a rapid assimilation of theoretical concepts with practical aspects of project management.
      • Each participant works on an individual computer workstation provided by Qualitemps for the entire duration
      • of the training course.
      • The first part of the training course is devoted to mastering the Outlook software for optimum use in project management, keeping time management and tasks in mind in order to apply best practices of project management in daily activities.
      • The second part of the training course is dedicated to learning how to master the global process of project management. The participants will have to conceive a project, elaborate the chart, outline the project plan,
      • and set up all the tools required to manage the whole lifecycle of the project, right up to project closure.

      • Reference Guide Outlook for time management
      • Reference Guide Advanced email management
      • Reference Guide Applied Project Management
      • Qualigantt software
      • Qualigantt User Guide
      • An individual computer station for the duration of the course

      This training is offered on-site and is tailored to your needs. We invite you to contact us or prices and availabilities.

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      René-Louis Comtois

      David Mascolo

      Monique Dallaire

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