MS Project Online
Discover the MS Project management tool. Master its tools and calculations that will
help you manage your projects more efficiently. You will learn tips, tricks and strategies
to achieve your goals and improve your project management.

> To apply the best practices in project management
> To better monitor the evolution and advancement
of your projects and visualize the differences
> To gain even more time to learn this powerful tool

Anyone who wants to better understand and use more effectively
MS Project. This training also addresses project management teams
who want to improve their knowledge of the tool in order to standardize their working approach.Whether you use Project Server or the local version, this course is for you.

  • Identify the key elements of project management
  • Design simple and thorough projects
  • Set specific options for every project (schedule, work schedules, etc.)
  • Manage tasks and assign resources
  • Manage resource allocation
  • Resolve resource overuse problems
  • Manage the planning and updating of a project
  • Use the displays to effectively track projects


Formal presentations of theoretical content and interactive presentations punctuated with concrete examples. Individual exercise allowing participants
to apply the concepts learned during the first two sessions. It consists in setting
a fictitious project's timetable for which the data will be collected from Session 2. The exercise must be submitted by email before the Session 4. The exercise will not be marked but commented.

This innovative approach allows participants to take the time to learn
and develop this new knowledge. The individual exercise also allows participants to put the concepts into practice on their own.

Session 1 - Introduction to Microsoft Project
  • Overview of key parameters and software options
  • Overview of the user interface and working modes
Session 2 - Set a timeline
  • Project schedules
  • Tasks
  • Summary tasks and project milestones
  • Links between tasks
  • Task constraints
  • Different kinds of tasks
Session 3 - Resource use
  • Resources table
  • Resource schedule
  • Assign resources to tasks
  • Analyse and resolve over-allocations
  • Question period about individual work
Session 4 - Tracking the project's progress
  • Initial planning
  • Planned version VS actual version VS current version
  • Project tracking and updating
  • Progress Analysis
  • Reports, exportation and data display
If time allows it:
  • Print reports and displays
  • Display and manipulations
  • Standards and automatic filters
  • Modification of the Gantt chart

    • Comprehensive manual, with illustrations.
    • Statement for the individual exercise.

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