Mastering Google Apps suite productivity tools

The suite of applications offered by the Google environment contains all the necessary resources to be efficient in a cloud computing technology environment. This training will show you how to use the Google Apps Suite productivity tools to achieve your personal goals and improve your performance.

> To fully exploit the capabilities of the Google Apps tools
> To centralize your documents in a single tool available both
at work and on the move
> To understand and use backup and document sharing
in Google Drive (Drive)
> To learn how to use the features offered by the productivity applications

Anyone wishing to learn how to master and become independent when using the Google Apps environment tools to achieve personal goals
or improve performance. For all leaders, managers or supervisors
who wish to provide effective tools for their teams to reach
the company goals.

  • Save time by mastering the Google Apps environment
  • Discover the unsuspected possibilities of the Google environment
  • Centralize your data into one tool
  • Maximize the use of the Google Drive for backup and sharing documents
  • Master the use of productivity applications such as Documents, Sheets, Presentations and Forms


    The great strength of our course lies in its technical and practical approach
    to mastering the productivity tools of the Google Apps suite. Through demonstrations and structured exercises, the participant acquires new technical skills throughout the course. Our commitment is to provide tangible tools that will significantly improve the effectiveness of individuals and teams.

    Section 1: Google Drive
    • Apply an efficient method of classification within Drive
    • Remove and download documents in Drive
    • Drive send documents by email
    • Share and collaborate in Drive
    • Manage revisions
    • Optimize research documents
    • Access all your document on the go with Drive for mobile devices
    Section 2: Google Docs
    • Overview of editing options
    • Save time with styles
    • Design in just a few clicks with the insert menu option
    • Quickly enhance documents with the Drawing tool
    • Use bullets and lists
    • Insert headers and footers
    • Share and convert documents
    • Use Docs on mobile devices
    Section 3: Google Sheets
    • Overview of the application
    • Create and import data in Sheets
    • Format cells
    • Use formulas and functions
    • Sort and filter data
    • Insert and customize charts
    • Quickly create flowcharts
    • Use SHEETS on mobile devices
    Section 4: Google Slides
    • Overview of the application
    • Import and apply a theme
    • Use the layout tool to quickly create a presentation.
    • Using slide editing tools
    • Create slide templates with masks
    • Present a SLIDES doc
    • Use SLIDES on mobile devices
    Section 5: Google Forms
    • Overview of the application
    • Create dynamic forms
    • Customize the themes
    • Share and publish forms
    • Effectively manage the collection and analysis of data
    • Receive reply notifications
    • Gather responses

    • Guided practical exercises, performed independently at a computer station
    • Theoretical content
    • Interactive presentations

      • Comprehensive, step by step guide with illustrations
      • Computer station for each person throughout the course

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