Master your time with Gmail and Google Calendar

This training course combines our time management and principles for using Gmail
and Calendar tools.

Mastery of tasks is a key element of time management. Our courses therefore places great importance on the software's "task" functions. The different options or strategies offered
by Google will be explored during the training.

At the end of this training, you will have detailed the principles of time management,
you will have discovered the best practices and you will know how to secure them within
the Google environment.

> To optimize the control of your time
> To utilize the full potential of Gmail and Google Calendar
> To centralize your time management in one place
> Effectively manage email and resulting tasks

For everyone, employees and leaders, because everyone has to manage time. That is why every individual should know the fundamentals of good time management and master the techniques so the company
can develop a real time culture.

  • Identify and master your time management process
  • Eliminate your paper or virtual stacks
  • Centralize your time management in one single tool
  • Transform Gmail and Google Calendar into a real management tool
  • Know and properly use Gmail and Google Calendar
  • Effectively use the Google Calendar Task function
  • Additionally manage your calendar and tasks
  • Effectively manage your email and the resulting tasks
  • Manage and control multiple projects simultaneously
  • Master your internal and external communications
  • Reduce multiple time-consuming tasks
  • Master emergencies and contingencies
  • Monitor and manage deadlines
  • Effectively follow-up and do not forget anything
  • Effectively plan on a daily, weekly, and long-term basis
  • Arrange your schedule according to your real priorities


    The great strength of our course lies in its technical and practical approach
    to time management. We think time management is primarily a competence based on practical expertise.

    Our method is simple and applicable to all work situations. Time management is probably the most fundamental process for businesses and its mastery
    is the foundation of any improvement process. Our commitment
    is to provide tangible tools that will significantly improve the effectiveness
    of individuals and teams.

    Section 1: Basic time management principles
    • Introduction to the value of time
    • Identify the main obstacles in time management
    • Identifying and defining your time management process
    • Importance of centralizing everything in one tool
    • How to develop a good time management system
    • The principle of WHEN
    • Long-term task and project management
    • Techniques to manage the new tasks and stay the course
    • Never forget anything
    • The syndrome of immediate action
    • Controllable time
    • Task consolidation
    • Telecommunications mastery
    • Effective communication
    • Consolidation of internal communications
    • How to balance your workload
    • How to establish priorities
    • Plan for the short, the medium and long term
    Section 2: Sound use of Gmail in a time management context
    • Master the key actions for sound email management
    • Why and how to have an empty inbox every night
    • Email life cycle and management
    • How to better manage sent and received emails
    • Classify and effectively find emails in Gmail
    • How to handle fewer emails using mail filters
    • How to save time with email templates
    • Use Google contacts efficiently
    • Stay on track when traveling with Gmail on mobile devices
    Section 3: Google Calendar at your service
    • Overview of different Calendar options
    • Quickly plan with the planning mode
    • Share your calendar and view the shared calendar
    • Create personalized calendars for projects, committees or other.
    • Easily book time with a colleague with time slots.
    • Manage planning on the road with Calendar on mobile devices.
    Section 4: Manage Tasks with Google
    • How to master your time with the Task function in Google Calendar.
    • Create tasks by applying time management principles
    • Transform emails into tasks
    • Staying connected when traveling with applications tasks on mobile devices.

      • Interactive presentations
      • Illustration through practical examples
      • Demonstration of the proposed methods
      • Hands-on practical exercises
      • Tips and trick and action plans completed during training

        • Guide on the basic principles of time management
        • Gmail and Google Calendar features guide
        • Comprehensive self-assessment test

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          Jean-Luc Dion

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