Managing healthy and effective human resources

You are the owner (or the representative) of a small or medium business and your success brings its own challenges, particularly regarding the management of your workforce?
Your number of employees has increased dramatically and you realize that you cannot manage the same way? You don't have enough /0} time to take care of your strategy
and operations because you are overwhelmed with cases related to HRM? You lack of tools
to deal with it?

Today's working world has changed; multiculturalism, challenges related to mental health, generational differences taking place in the labor market require that today's businesses
be well prepared and equipped to handle all kinds of issues.

This first workshop of our HRM personalized program will help you understand what employees expect in a business and will highlight the best practices in HRM. A healthy
and effective HRM will become your ally in your business growth and in today's reality.

> To adapt to current issues related to HRM
> To adapt your business to best HRM practices
> To prioritize actions to be taken to better manage
your workforce
> To facilitate business growth

Any small or medium business owner (or his representative) who wishes
to establish a more defined structure and in line with the best HRM practices to achieve the strategic objectives of the organization easily.

  • Understand the role of HRM for businesses and the employer's responsibilities towards the company and its employees.
  • Getting to know the different types of processes in HRM
    and their roles in the company.
  • Outlining a plan to prioritize and implement these processes according
    to the company's mission and vision
  • Review and update supervisors and managers roles to include more specifically HRM.

    HRM in 2014
    • Role of HR in businesses
    • The role of business owner in HRM
    • Role of the team supervisors in HRM
    HRM processes
    • Writing job descriptions
    • Recruitment and hiring employees
    • Employee Handbook
    • Ensure new employees integrate successfully
    • Etc.
    Connecting the vision and the mission of the company with HRM.
    The expectations of today's employees towards the company.

    Our approach is practical and adapted to the specific needs of each client.
    We use practical training activities:
    • Company's Diagnostic Tool
    • Interactive presentations
    • Reference List
    • Discussions about actual cases
    • Action plan and process development in HRM

    • Diagnosis of HRM needs.
    • Reference document tailored to the specific needs of each company.
    • Reference tool and HRM process implantation guide.

        This training is offered on-site and is tailored to your needs. We invite you to contact us or prices and availabilities.

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        Sophie F. Marcil

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