Managerial communication

Do you want your employees adhere to the company's strategy and goals? More than that, you want them to directly contribute to the implementation of the goals with conviction
and integrity? Your role is directly solicited. Your choice of words, your posture
and the consistency of your actions will directly influence the behavior
of your employees and get you the results you want.

As a manager in a position of influence and in search results and satisfaction...
if the performance Communicator word is not clearly written in black and white
in your annual personal evaluation criteria, you can read between the lines!
In today's businesses, managers who stand out cannot be indifferent to the distinctive characteristics and personalities of their employees to adjust their methods of interacting with them and getting the best from the relationship and situation.

The era of the PODC (Plan-Organize-Decide-Check) is gone! The art of communication
is on all lips and in the fingers. But especially in this technological era where electronic
and virtual communications are becoming more prominent, there is still space is left
to mobilize value-added communication, and real attention we give it.

We respond to the Where When Why and How (WWWH) questions? communicate
and identify the key the manager that you have to directly and accurately share your vision, your goals and roadmap. We share tips on how to help you adjust the deviations with skill accomplish what really want with your team.

Managerial communication has become a strategic subject in our businesses. It represents efficient communication used by managers, allowing them to mobilize their employees serving the realization of the goals that are valued first by the company and by yourself.

And if communication is a learned art, it requires attention again and again. This training
will instill you with the desire to communicate more often and better and allow
you to refine your approach into action.

Following this training, communication is clearly a pleasure and performance driver
for the manager who wants to join the ranks of leading action among his employees
and collaborators.

> To translate your corporate strategy and objectives
into motivating messages
> To identify the "musts" when communicating your employees
> To shape your messages so that they speak to everyone
> To communicate at the most opportune moment to be heard

For any manager or team leader eager to move on to the next step
in his current role, by integrating more just and practical communicative
reflexes in your day-to-day. A challenge for companies today is sending
a clear message to their employees about its objectives, while seeking
their creativity and support. However, the manager's mission is to have
a direct role to listen, delegate and research participation to promote
the efficiency of his team and meet the aspirations of his employees.
Learn that managerial communication is at the heart of this need
and articulates the main wheels.

  • Identify your place in the business communicational "web"
  • You earn your communicator hat as well as your manager role
  • Name the personal benefits to deploy a more accurate communication
    with your employees
  • Get answers to major challenges in everyday exchanges related
    to your role as manager
  • Give meaning to the actions of your employees who accomplish
    more and more
  • Boost performance by deploying inspirational and motivational communication
  • Hear what is not said in an interview or meeting
  • Know how to better discern the real message of your employees
  • Learn to ask the right question to get results
  • Relay constructive, action promoting feedback
  • Improve your listening and empathy skills
  • Have the courage to share what is difficult but important?
  • Crush your fear of difficult conversations to stop avoiding them?
  • Face resistance to promote adhesion
  • Learn to use the appropriate means of communication
    for the situation: decide between email, calls, meetings...

    Recognize that managerial communication is a powerful mobilization
    driver, Qualitemps chose to develop skills in a training/workshop,
    where the statements are confirmed during the action and fun
    of the participants. The approach allows the acquisition of new skills
    and the recognition of specific communication techniques, so that
    the participant leaving could not be more sensitive to the power
    of communication deployed with skill in his daily work.

    Managerial Communication - Why?
    • The emergence and relevance of managerial communication
    • It is one of the driving factors of change management
    • At the crossroads of internal communications and HR
    • A performance driver
    • To enhance your role and performance as a manager
    The 3 main functions of managerial Communication
    • A relay
    • Leadership
    • "MSG"
    So they understand and are all working in the right direction
    • Have the strategy and your vision resonate
    • Formulate goals that speak to them
    • Inform, Guide and Motivate - WHAT?
    • Sculpt, Demonstrate, Validate - HOW?
    Self-diagnosis of your leader/communicator profil
    • Clarify the ususal stumbling blocks with your employees
    • Consider the communicative profiles of each individual
    • Use your strength to do more
    • Reveal your areas to improve
    Define your internal and external resources to support
    the excellence of your communications

    The Keys of a"communicator's" know-how and social skills
    • "Where - When - How" to communicate?
    • Identify the R.O.I of successful communication
    • Build trust and credibility
    • Expand your P.I.F: The words that "kill" and those that "support"
    • Choose expressions (positive) to go further
    • Awaken your listening and empathy skills in moments where everything
      has been said
    • Intervene with T.A.C.T.: Diffuse a tense situation with openness
      and authenticity
    • Delegate with the A.C.E. approach
    • Choose the right medium (phone, email, text message, meeting...)
      for the situation
    Turn these environments into an opportunity!
    • Prepare yourself, and achieve the desired impact
    • In one-on-one meetings
    • In meetings (presenter or participant)
    • In front of your team
    Communication strategies to inspire, persuade and generate motivation
    even when it's hard

    • To break through a dead-end
    • To impose with sensitivity
    • To provide feedback
    Communication strategies
    • To impose with sensitivity
    • To break through a dead-end
    • To provide feedback
    • A situation - a medium
    • Write effective emails
    • Choose your expressions (positive) to get further

      • Interactive presentations
      • Illustration through practical examples
      • Demonstration of methods presented
      • Hands-on practical exercises
      • Action plan completed during training

      • Comprehensive reference manual
      • Comprehensive emotional skills auto-evaluation test





      Communication managériale: communiquez efficacement et générez la performance
      23 april 2020
      Communication managériale: communiquez efficacement et générez la performance
      14 may 2020

      Louise Geoffrion

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