Managing your time in the Apple Environment
This training course combines our Time Management training course with the functions of the Apple environment. It is not required to have access to a computer station for the training, since we will provide an illustrated step-by-step guide to help you set up your Apple computer. The user guide will also serve as a workbook and reference guide. Mastering the use of Tasks is a key-element in efficient time management. Hence our training puts a lot of emphasis on the Task tool of software. The various options and strategic approaches offered by the Apple environment will be explored in this training course. At the end of this training, you will have acquired time management principles, you will be familiar with best practices and you will know how to apply them in the Apple environment.

> To optimize the management of your time
> To take full advantage of what Apple has to offer for Time Management
> To centralize your time management into one single tool

This training is offered to all employees and managers, because we all have time to manage, regardless of our
role or position in the enterprise. To develop an authentic time management work culture, each individual must master the fundamentals of sound time management and its related techniques.

  • Identifying and mastering your Time Management processes
  • Getting rid of accumulated paper and virtual documents
  • Combining everything in one single tool
  • Transforming your Mac into a genuine navigating tool
  • Optimizing the various Apple commands
  • Creating Tasks with Apple tools according to the best time management principles
  • Manage Tasks and calendar together
  • Efficiently manage your inbox
  • Efficiently manage emails and related Tasks
  • Handling and controlling multiple projects simultaneously
  • Managing internal and external communications
  • Decreasing the various sneaky ``time-wasters``
  • Handling emergencies and the unanticipated events
  • Controlling and monitoring deadlines
  • Conducting good follow-ups and never forgetting anything
  • Skilfully planning daily, midterm and long term activities
  • Governing your use of time according to your real priorities


  • Introduction: the value of time
  • Identifying the most common hurdles to time management
  • Identifying and defining your own time management process
  • How to set up a thorough time management system
  • Applying the WHEN principle
  • Effective use of Apple tools for time management
  • Configuration of the time management software to optimise the Task tool
  • Using the various Task views according to specific situations
  • Creating Tasks according to time management best practices
  • Using categories
  • Why your Inbox should be empty at the end of the day
  • Email lifecycle and management
  • How to improve email management at receiving and sending
  • How to manage some emails with Tasks
  • How to disable alerts at email receiving
  • Creating performing messaging rules
  • Project management with Apple tools
  • The importance of combining everything in one single tool
  • Managing long tasks and various projects with Apple tools
  • Breaking down tasks or projects into subtasks
  • Managing the subtasks of a long task or project
  • The ``immediate action syndrome``
  • Methods for managing novelty and keeping track
  • Tips for never forgetting anything
  • Taking your manageable time into consideration
  • Grouping tasks
  • Skillfully managing telecommunications
  • Centralizing internal communications
  • Negotiating the use of your time
  • Time management methodology as a collaborative instrument for working teams
  • Effective communication
  • The art of delegation and accepting a mandate
  • Balancing your workload
  • Establishing priorities
  • Planning for short, medium and long term
  • Your personal action plan

  • Interactive presentations
  • Real-life examples
  • Demonstrations of proposed methods
  • Practical exercises
  • Personal action plans produced during training course

  • Complete reference guide
  • Software configuration guide for Apple environment
  • Self-evaluation test

This training is offered on-site and is tailored to your needs. We invite you to contact us or prices and availabilities.

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René-Louis Comtois

Mélanie Drainville

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