Lean management to improve daily performance
Operational processes are an important part of business. One can compare good process to good machinery: they increase efficiency and reduce the effort required. That is why their ongoing improvement must be a daily preoccupation for decision makers and managers. Our approach is rigorous without being purist. It is inspired partly by the Lean Method, and is combined with other proven continuous improvement methodologies. We are convinced that enterprises must start by transforming simple processes for which tangible results will be reached rapidly, before they tackle big changes. This way the teams will be keen on taking ownership of the process and develop a continuous improvement working environment. Here are the benefits that your enterprise can gain from this initiative: >Accomplish more with less by investing your staff’s time in activities that represent added value in the eyes of your clients. >Get it right the first time, by reducing sources of errors and oversights. >Reduce output delays by simplifying the steps in your business processes, then by rearranging and reviewing them as required. >Diminish operational costs by reducing the number of activities with less added value in your business processes. >Establish a continuous improvement culture by involving your staff and valuing individual creativity.

> For more mobilized and efficient teams
> For teams taking part in change
> To conduct the inventory of your work processes
> To identify which processes need to be prioritized for improvement

To all managers, decision makers, business leaders, team leaders or quality managers who wish to acquire practical tools for improving the efficiency of their business or their team.

Recognized by the Faculty of Continuing
Education at the University of Montreal
The educational quality of this syllabus has been approved by the Chair of Continuing Education of the Faculty of Continuing Education at the University of Montreal 0.7 UFC

  • Carrying out the inventory of all business processes
  • Identifying which process should be prioritised for improvement
  • Developing a process chart
  • Documenting processes
  • Identifying improvement opportunities
  • Establishing improvement objectives
  • Involving the employees in the process
  • Mobilizing the teams


The user guide and the tools provided will enable the participants to go right into action autonomously.

  • Development of the strategy
  • Inventory of business processes
  • Identification of the processes to improve first
  • Understanding the processes
  • Documenting the processes
  • Identification of current counter-performance activities
  • Identification of improvement opportunities
  • Process measurements
  • Determination of the expected results
  • Defining the improvement objectives
  • Process improvement monitoring
  • Deployment of tested process improvement techniques to reach the targeted objectives
  • Qualification of the processes
  • Maintaining the acquired results

  • 30 % interactive theoretical presentations
  • 50 % practical exercise of Kaizen simulation in small groups
  • 20 % individual exercises and development of action plan
  • PowerPoint presentation

  • Student workbook and Kaizen Guide
  • Action plan template

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