How to write a task description

Do you own a small or medium-sized company (or are its representative) and your success brings with it a lot of challenges, especially with regards to managing your workforce?
Your number of employees is growing and you need tools to standardize working methods?

The job description is just one of the essential tools for a sound HRM. A good job description includes information such as job title, expected results, work processes, equipment or tools to be used, the work environment, and the skills, abilities, knowledge and aptitudes that
the incumbent of the position must possess. Several methodologies can be used to gather this information, to write a clear and concise job description and to develop a powerful
work tool.

> Write useful and clear job descriptions
> To effectively recruit and develop skills
> To lay the foundation for evaluating employee performance
> To better establish pay scales

Any owner of small and medium-sized businesses (or their representatives) who wish to better structure and document
the functions within the company in order to better manage
the expectations of the employees' work and to ensure a better
return in the company.

  • Understand what makes a good job description
  • Know which methodologies can be used to gather the information needed
    to develop the job description
  • Know who should be involved in the development of these job descriptions
  • Know how to write a job description
  • Avoid the pitfalls that may arise when drafting job descriptions
  • Learn the best practices related to using the job description

    What is a job description?
    • What use can it be?
      Methodology for developing a job description
      • Description of options
      • Content of a job description
        Pitfalls to avoid during the process
        • What prejudice can influence the development of a job description?
        • How to avoid pitfalls
          Maintenance and update
          • Who will be responsible for the updates?
          • When will you need to update the job descriptions?

            Our approach is practical and adapted to the specific needs of each client.
            We use practical training activities:

            • Business diagnostic tool
            • Interactive presentations
            • Reference list
            • Discussion of real-life cases
            • Action plan and HRM process development

              • Diagnosis of HRM needs
              • Reference document connected directly to the specific needs
                of each organization
              • Reference tool and HR processes guide

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                Sophie F. Marcil

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