Master the basics of Excel-Level 1


  • Become familiar with Excel's work environment
  • Understand how to operate the menu and Excel tools
  • Establish best practices for creating tables
  • How to make consistent data entries
  • Know the collage options and how to duplicate data
  • Well navigate the screen
  • Be familiar with the basis of printing
  • Learn the basics of Excel's mathematical language

    • Presentation of Excel's working interface
    • Presentation of Excel's menu and tools
    • Know and use Excel's 3 sliders
    • Know the key manipulations of Excel
      • Selection
      • Editing a cell
      • Use the context menu
      • The cell addresses
      • Validate data inputs
      • Adjust and standardize the width of rows and columns
    • Learn the tools favoring the formatting of cell contents
      • Choose the right digital format of a cell
    • Use tools facilitating the consultation of large charts on screen
      • How to fraction a chart on screen to view information
    • Know the printing tools to print charts
    • The best practices to create charts
    • The foundations of Excel's mathematical language
    • Create automated custom lists to allow entry of uniform data
    • Use Paste Special
    • Know the data recopying options
    • Creation of simple calculations
    • Formatting tables
    • Organize information in a workbook


      Mélanie Drainville

      Marlène Villeneuve

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