To create an interview guide

Are you the owner of a small or medium-sized company (or its representative)
and you anticipate extensive growth that will result in hiring new people?
Do you want to be better structured in your approach to find the best candidates?

During an interview! However, beyond this "chemistry" and flair, hiring a candidate
will have a huge impact on the success of the company and its revenue. How much
can a bad hire cost? How much do you lose when an employee is unhappy at work
and leaves within a few months? This is why your company must have a solid structure
when it comes to hiring your workforce, whether daily, technical or professional.

This workshop will allow you to fully understand the steps of the process and develop solid interview guides to help you better identify the "cream of the crop" among the candidates. You will establish clear steps that will facilitate the task of each participants and increase your chances of long term success.

> To know all the steps of the hiring process
> To determine your needs before the hiring process
> To develop good interview and selection guides
> To recruit the right people and keep them!

Any small or medium-sized business owner (or his or her representatives) who wants to implement a better defined methodology in selection interviews to make more informed choices.

  • Understand the entire hiring process
  • Better define the role of those involved in the process
  • Develop comprehensive interview guides to learn more
    about candidates
  • Review and update supervisors and managers roles
    to more specifically include HRM

    • The steps of the hiring process
    • Identifying the skills to evaluate during an interview
    • Preparing an interview guide
    • Developing a selection grid
    • What is a skill and how can I evaluate it during the interview?
    • Who should be involved in the recruitment process
      and how can you prepare them?

      Our approach is practical and adapted to the specific needs of each client.
      We use practical training activities:
      • Business Diagnostic Tool
      • Interactive presentations
      • Reference list
      • Discussion of real-life cases
      • Action plan and HRM process development

      This training is offered on-site and is tailored to your needs. We invite you to contact us or prices and availabilities.

      Find out more about our preferential rates policy to see if you are eligible.

      Sophie F. Marcil

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