Time Management

Master your time to achieve your goals - a pragmatic approach


Effective Management of Time, Activities and Priorities for Managers





Time Management for Project Management







Managing your time with Lotus Notes







Managing your time with Thunderbird and its plug-ins







Managing your time with Google







Managing your time in the Apple Environment







Speed Reading

Read Faster and Better




Document Management

The 5s method ; improve efficiency through effective document management






Document Management with Share Point







Advanced Outlook for Email and File Management






Technical Writing

Amélioration de la rédaction de vos écrits (offert en français)




Techniques de rédaction de procédures et politiques (offert en français)




Effective Organizers

Good hosting and management of meetings





Train the trainers







Stress Management

Successful Stress Management







Customer Service

Customer Service







Reach Outstanding customer service
and distinguish yourself from others







Sales Development

Manage your time to improve your sales







Amélioration des processus et de la productivité

Optimize your business and work processes – Kaizen and Lean approaches















Effective Managers

Applied Project Management




Outlook for Project Management







Microsoft Project, the essentials







Project management with Basecamp







Project management with Smartsheet







Advanced Excel for Project Management








Organize and effectively manage the project team and stakeholders









Risk management: identifying, evaluating and controlling them to reduce their negative impacts









Mastering the cost in line with objectives








Thoroughly cut and plan a project for control








Project portfolio management; To put in place effective project governance









The Project Controller (PCO): to ensure the health and success of projects







Effective Managers

Achieve leadership success – expand your boundaries





Rallying for success




Coaching for success





Successful Change Management






Managing conflict: mission possible!







Today's Management: Ten Unavoidable Challenges for a New Reality








Strategic planning

Strategic planning, a LEAN approach








Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence to promote Team Synergy







Human Resources Management

Evaluation of Employee Performance







Recruit the right employee and keep him






Developing Talent and Succession







Get healthy, productive behavior







Implementation of an integration plan for new employees







Writing an Employee Handbook







The Pay Equity Act







Healthy and Effective Human Resource Management







Skill developpement







How to write a job description







Conducting an interview guide
















Master Outlook

Master your Time with Outlook




Outlook – the basics







Navigate through Excel like a pro







Master Excel

Navigate through Excel like a pro







Excel – the basics







Excel Dashboards







Excel Dynamic Tables and Graphics






Excel Dynamic Tables







Customized Excel for advanced users







Perform in Excel with Formulas and Functions!








Excel Pivot Tables







Master Word

Acquire advanced skills with Word








Perform with Word; improve the quality and professionalism of your documents




Word - The Basics







Master SharePoint

Document Management with Share Point








SharePoint for Super Users







Share Point for Users






Master Google

Mastering Google Apps Suite Productivity Tools









Mastering Google Apps tools in a project management context
And / or collaboration







Master your time with Gmail and Google Calendar







Master OneNote

Organize and simplify your ideas/thoughts with OneNote







Master PowerPoint

Powerful PowerPoint presentations!







Master Visio

Illustrate your processes, maps, plans and much more with Visio









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